Since 1980

The Maldonado brothers grew up and trained in Bodega Amparo, founded in 1980 by their grandfather Juan and managed by their parents, Amparo and Juan Maldonado.


Founded in 1980, Bodega Amparo started as a family-owned business in the heart of Palermo neighborhood, Buenos Aires. Today, it is managed by the Maldonado brothers, who have continued the legacy of their grandfather Juan, which was inherited from their parents Amparo and Juan Maldonado. Since the early stages, the idea was to open a store to offer exclusive products, such as extra virgin olive oil, olives from San Juan province and a variety of wines, sparkling wines and spices.

As decades went by, the brand became established among the public. Motivated by the spirit of ongoing growth, Bodega Amparo evolved and expanded to other neighborhoods, opening two additional stores in Villa Urquiza and Villa Devoto. To keep updated with an ever-changing market, Bodega Amparo has renewed its image and developed a presence on the social media in order to address a public that is increasingly diverse.

In addition to the great variety of premium and exclusive products, which are continuously chosen by the public for their quality, Bodega Amparo offers a customer-tailored service. The knowledge, advice and suggestions about the products are part of Bodega Amparo’s value- added service, making your purchase a unique experience.

There are other values that allow Bodega Amparo to constantly offer a renewed proposal, such us the continuous training of its staff, the updating of its infrastructure and the ongoing search for new products.

Each and every product has its own quality touch. They are chosen based on the knowledge of the market and the customers’ taste, a formula that has lasted over the decades and continues to be successful these days.